What's holding you back from being your most fit & vibrant self?

Are you feeling frustrated? Burnt out?

Are you trying to juggle it all and often run out of time for you?

Oh I feel you. Been there and often still find myself there.

It never ends... the full-time kitchen and grocery duties, the laundry that is never ever done, keeping the schedules and house organized, and if you're working add a job in there too!


But here's the thing, YOU are important, YOU matter and the best gift that you can give yourself is a little time just for you. You need to be taken care of too.

Just a little TIME to build your health, and your energy - to fill yourself back up. To feel alive in your body.

Do you want to feel vibrant, beautiful, and confident?

Join Fit Mama

Do you catch yourself in any of the following mindsets?

I find all the reasons not to

You really, truly don't have the time and it's way harder for you than anyone else. 

I'll start on Monday

Often something gets in your way - even the excitement of the laundry. You're always starting again on Monday.

Why bother if I can't do it all

If you can't do it 100% then why bother? If you can't fit in an hour-long workout hitting every body part or a 3-course gourmet meal then it's not happening. 

I need to cut out all the things

The snacks, the wine...once I have a little I have to have more.

It's time to believe in yourself beauty. To let go of the extremes and find your moderation.

Let me do the planning and make it easy for you...

 What is Fit Mama?

  • online workouts to get you FIT and feeling fabulous in less time. Think 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Workout anytime, anywhere through your web browser or the app.
  • nutrient balanced recipes that will be ready and on the table in under 30 mins with as few dishes as possible. 
  • nutrition coaching to help you balance your meals to ensure that you're getting the nutrients that you need to create your best energy, and to keep you satisfied and cravings at bay.
  • tools and nutrition tips to reduce stress and inflammation to build your health and energy.
  • weekly Facebook lives in our members-only Fit Mama Facebook community. 
  • the support and accountability of a coach and community of women who get what you're going through and will keep you motivated and on track towards your goals.
Join Fit Mama

What if...

  • You could reach your energy and body goals with me online anytime, anywhere in 20 - 30 minutes in just 3-4 times a week?

  • You could have a dinner that you feel good about feeding your family on the table in under 30 mins without a huge mess of dishes to clean up?

  • You had the nutritional focus to get you feeling and looking your best - especially when it's really tough to get out of the slump.

  • You had the accountability and support that you need to reach your goal and keep you there?

  • You felt energized, confident and happy?

Yes please! I want to to feel this good!

Fit Mama Community - the coach, community, and tools that you need to get seriously FIT and feel freaking amazing!

Don't let the time keep passing while you wait to finally take care of you.

YOU are important!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A coach who cares! I can't tell you what a difference it makes to be accountable to someone who cares about you and your results. I'll keep you going when things are tough. When you join FIT Mama I am your personal coach :)
  • Magic happens in our Facebook Community. We ladies GET what you're going through and are here to support you. I do lots of video Q&A and videos on different health & wellness topics
  • Full time access to my month long bootcamp series - this is where you start so that you get results fast and stay motivated to keep going.
  • FAST body shape building, fat blasting workouts that can be done anywhere (home, gym, and on the road) 
  • Stretching series to keep you recovering well, flexible, and injury free
  • The right balance of food makes all the difference. My nutrition program will teach you how to use the foods that you love to create balanced meals that you'll be excited about. Balancing your macronutrients for your body type will enable you to reach your physique goals and feel stable energy throughout your day.
  • I share the nutritional strategies that help me stay fit year round with you so that we find what works best for YOU.
  • Loads of quick & delicious balanced family friendly recipes (I'm always adding more!)
  • Guided meditations to have you working to reduce stress and feel clear and focused.
  • Lifestyle coaching work to keep building self awareness allowing you to let go of habits that aren't serving you and building new vibrant healthy habits!

I am always happy to help with modifications. My videos talk about what to focus on in the form of certain movements to work around and prevent injuries.  

Yes, absolutely! I offer high protein vegetarian friendly swaps for recipes which include meat

Ideally you want a couple of sets of dumbbells that challenge you, a mat, a sturdy bench or step (can use stairs), and a mini band. A good set of resistance bands and a jump rope are always good thing to have since they're so easy to store and travel with. 

You can cancel your membership at any time 


It’s the perfect workout and nutritional program for busy women...workouts are fast (and furious!) and you are never hungry.

Tania is an inspiration and the results speak for themselves!

~Yvonne A

Enjoying Life and Making Progress!

Love this program and Tania. The bootcamp is a great kickstart for anyone (it definitely was for me!!) and then the membership has all the tools and support to keep going.

Tania is not only an awesome inspiration with how she lives her own life but truly cares about each and every one of her clients and genuinely wants us all to live our best and healthiest lives possible...all while still ‘living’ and enjoying the things that make us happy. Thank you Tania 😘😘

~Rebecca W


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